Viewpoint Diversity is perhaps one of the most important, least talked-about types of diversity. It is the recognition that nobody’s world view is complete, and that no one marker of identity actually defines the way we see the world around us. By striving to understand ourselves and others, our strengths and biases and our basic inherent fallibility, we can begin to have the difficult conversations that surround the topics of other important kinds of diversity, belonging, and inclusion. For this reason, a training or a talk about viewpoint diversity is a perfect positive starting point for people looking to begin the essential dialogue of bringing together people in corporations, communities, campuses, and classrooms.

Based on the needs of an organization, this training can be formatted as a workshop or seminar. We can also customize leadership lessons on viewpoint diversity to offer as professional development.

“I hope to continue hearing from Erin and collaborating however we can. I think Viewpoint Diversity is so important in our schools and leadership teams right now.”

“This was a very compelling and well-thought out presentation. I think it helps to think of the ways we can reach more individuals, not just those who already agree with us.”

Below is the poster that we presented at the International Positive Psychology Association’s

Sixth World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne, Australia, July 2019.